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Empirical evaluation of equivalence of the two new forms of Problem test

Alija Kulenović
Mislav-Stjepan Žebec

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The level of equivalence of two new, intentionally parallel forms of Problem test was examined based on the results of two generations of attendants of the classification procedures for the study of psychology (1994: N=377, 1995: N=273). It was shown that the new tests have statistically equal row score means and variances, equal internal consistency coefficients of reliability and equal correlations with achievement tests in psychology, biology and mathematics. Shapes of the row score distributions obtained on Pb-94 and Pb-95 are statistically equal, and the same is true for the distributions of internal validity coefficients. Based on the data described it was concluded that Pb-94 and Pb-95 can be treated as parallel tests, and used in psychometric practice as alternatives without any special modifications in application or transformation aimed at equating of results gathered from insufficiently equivalent tests.

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The Problem Test; Equivalent Forms

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