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Analysis of the causes of school underachievement among intellectually superior students

Ivan Koren
Vladimir Kolesarić
Dragutin Ivanec

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The paper outlines the follow-up study of school achievement of a group of 60 students with above-average intellectual capacity, from the 6 th grade of primary school to the 4 th grade of secondary school. The study was stimulated by empirical findings and research on the instances of lower school achievement of some intellectually superior students. The data for the study described here were obtained from the students themselves, their parents and teachers. The data related to the intellectual status of students, some conative and motivational dimensions of their personality, family environment, as well as to their school activities and school achievement. The follow-up results showed that school achievement of the students lowers in secondary school, and that students who underachieve in school differ from those most successful just in diligence and learning style.

Ključne riječi
Accomplishment; school underachievement; follow-up study

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