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Application of EPQ-R/A on 14 to 15 year old examinees

Mehmed Dautović

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Results of male (N=556) and female (N=548) students obtained on EPQ-R/A were used to establish the norms for Croatian population within the age range of 14 to 15 years, on scales of Neuroticism, Psychoticism, Extroversion, Lie, Dependency and Criminality. Reliability indices of the EPQ-R/A scales obtained on this sample are lower than those given in the EPQ-R/A Manual. However, we consider them to be satisfactory for application of the test on the Croatian population. Significant gender differences on EPQ-R/A scales point to establishing and usage of separate norms for female and male subjects. Intercorrelations among scale results are under the influence of substantial overlap of items between the scales, that is, practical-clinical experience on the overlap of symptomatology among personality disorders predicted by scale results.

Ključne riječi
EPQ R/A questionnaire; Croatian population; pupils; norms; reliability; differences; intercorrelations; symptomatology

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