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Papers and Proceedings of the Department of Historical Research of the Institute of Historical and Social Research of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Vol.26 January 2009.

Preliminary communication

A Contribution to the Discussion Regarding Genealogical Connections between the Kačići (Kacsics) of Hungary and the Kačići of Omiš

Ivan Majnarić ; Leksikografski zavod Miroslav Krleža

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Majnarić, I. (2008). Prilog diskusiji o genealoškoj svezi omiških i ugarskih Kačića. Zbornik Odsjeka za povijesne znanosti Zavoda za povijesne i društvene znanosti Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti, 26, 49-58. Retrieved from

In this paper the author discusses the hypothesis that the Kačići (Kacsics) of Hungary derived from the Kačići of Omiš at the end of the twelfth and the beginning of the thirteenth century. In connection with this, special attention is paid to the confrontations between King Emeric (Imre) of Hungary-Croatia and his brother Duke Andrew of Croatia-Dalmatia (later King Andrew II). The author suggests that there was a connection between Duke Andrew and some members of the Kačić kindred of Omiš, which started during Duke Andrew’s control over the Duchy of Croatia and Dalmatia, and which when he became king might have led to the move of some of the Kačići of Omiš to Hungary in his following.

the Middle Ages; political history; the Kačić kindred; King Emeric of Hungary; Duke Andrew; genealogy

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