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Incidence of child abuse on a sample of Zagreb university students

Andrea Vranić
Ana Karlović
Dina Gabelica

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Karlović (2001) conducted a validation study of the previously adapted “Comprehensive Child Maltreatment Scale for Adults” (Higgins i McCabe, 2000) on the sample of 328 students of various faculties at the University of Zagreb. In the second part of the research, Gabelica (2001) included 177 more subjects, comprising with a final sample of 505 subjects. An analysis of answers on particular items shows the incidence of emotional abuse to be between 27%-28% and the incidence of physical abuse between 9%-25%. Results of the child neglect scale show that between 11% and 17,5% students experienced different forms of child neglect. It seems that fathers tend to neglect more than mothers. Some sort of sexually abusive behavior was experienced by 25% of female subjects and about 11% male subjects. Abusers are more often male family members or male strangers. Subjects witnessed their father's physically abusive behaviour (25% sometimes and 7% often) more often than their mother´s (12% of them sometimes).

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Child abuse; incidence; questionnaire

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