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Adaptation of the PQ for SCIP psychosocial questionnaire for persons with spinal cord injuries

Draženka Topolnjak Pavišić

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Psychosocial adaptation to injury is not a simple term to define. Some authors define it as a process while others as the result of adaptation to injury. The lack of consensus regarding the definition of adaptation results in the use of different adaptation measures which frequently are not psychometrically tested.
When the subject is adaptation to spinal cord injury, these reasons affect research results, often showing contradictory findings. Such research has not even been carried out in Croatia and this paper represents an attempt to adapt a questionnaire which covers various areas of adaptation to spinal cord injury.
The psychosocial questionnaire for persons with spinal cord injury (PQ for SCIP, Bodenhamer et al. 1983) was administered to 67 spinal cord injury patients whose injuries were at least one year old at time of testing. The results of the psychometric analysis carried out are presented in this paper.

Ključne riječi
Spinal cord injury; psychosocial adaptation; measures of psychosocial adaptation

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