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Suvremene teme : međunarodni časopis za društvene i humanističke znanosti, Vol.1 No.1 Prosinac 2008.

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Last Congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia: Causes, Consequences and Course of Dissolution

Davor Pauković ; Political Science Research Centre, Zagreb, Croatia

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Pauković, D. (2008). Posljednji kongres Saveza komunista Jugoslavije: uzroci, tijek i posljedice raspada. Suvremene teme : međunarodni časopis za društvene i humanističke znanosti, 1(1), 21-33. Preuzeto s

During the eighties, Yugoslavia was faced with a growing crisis that has put into question the survival of the federation. Conflicting strategies of the future Yugoslavia, based in the republic League of Communists, have finally separated on the 14th LCY extraordinary Congress in January 1990. This article has shown the context in which the Congress was held, as well as its course. In addition, the article exposed the strategies and goals of individual national organizations and the consequences of the collapse of the LCY. Extraordinary 14th Congress of the LCY represents an important episode in the process of the breakup of Yugoslavia. On that Congress, all illusions about the united LCY and the power that can bring the country out of the crisis were dispelled. Yugoslavia faced
with the more uncertain period after the Congress, without any significant cohesive force that would lead to some kind of compromise.

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League of Communists of Yugoslavia; 14. Congress; breakup of Yugoslavia

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