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Bosnia and Herzegovina and NATO

Vesna Kazazić ; Faculty of Law, University of Mostar, Mostar, Bosnia and Hezegovina

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NATO is alliance based on partnership. Stability provided by NATO enabled Western Europe to rebuild and ensure prosperity after the years of war. For the states preparing to become members, the alliance has special significance. While working with the alliance, as member states or active partners, they once again gain the right to be in the very heart of European affairs relating to development. Bosnia and Herzegovina with its geostrategic position and its overall characteristics has great significance for the stability of the region of Southeast Europe region. Considering the NATO transformation as a system of collective defense to a system of collective and cooperative security, it will be required from future members states to enable their armed forces to participate in missions of operating crisis, expedition warring and projections of power. This is the reason why Bosnia and Herzegovina has implemented significant reform of the defense system which provides for unitary defense structures and mechanisms for efficient command and control of the armed forces.

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NATO; Partnership for Peace; Bosnia and Herzegovina; regional cooperation; defense reform

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