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Hrvatski geografski glasnik, Vol.63. No.1. Lipanj 2001.

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System of Suburban Bus Service in Central Croatia

Milan Ilić ; Department of geography, Faculty of science, Zagreb

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Ilić, M. (2001). System of Suburban Bus Service in Central Croatia. Hrvatski geografski glasnik, 63.(1.), 1-14. Preuzeto s

This article deals with the suburban bus transport in Central Croatia. The density and structural characteristics of the bus transport network have been analysed. The centres of the bus transport were analysed according to several aspects: the number of the outgoing lines, number of destinations, the length and structure of the bus lines, the frequences and number of the bus departures. The transport flows were measured by the number of the buses passing through particular parts of the network. According to the conducted analyses, the centres of the bus transport were classified into four hierarchial categories.

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suburban transport; bus service; Central Croatia

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