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Christianity and Sports

Dario NOVAK ; Faculty of Kinesiology, Zagreb

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Christianity, drawing on its resources – the Bible and
tradition, is attempting to maintain a balance between the
world-oriented and the transcendental. Christianity is often
criticised for stressing the transcendental and neglecting the
worldly, so it may seem that Christianity and sports are two
incompatible concepts. However, their positive relationship
can be seen as early as in the Old Testament and it
continues throughout the New Testament and later in the
tradition of the Fathers. This regards data from the Bible and
tradition and other ecclesiastical resources. In the Old
Testament the history of sports of the chosen people is
mentioned and can be connected with Christianity because
the biblical books of the Old Testament are the holy books of
both Jews and Christians. In the New Testament in the
Apostolic Letters there are numerous examples of sports
terminology in Old Greek, while the apostle Paul is
responsible for mentioning sports in most of his letters of the
New Testament where there are quotes about sports and
where, through sports terminology, instructions are given
about faith in God and Christian values. Such an attitude of
the first Church contributed to later documents treating this
topic in a similar way, making it thus possible to recognise
the relationship between Christianity and sports through
ecclesiastical documents and teachings of the popes on
special occasions.

Ključne riječi
history; sports; Christianity; Bible; Vatican Council documents

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