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Ecumenical achievements (1962-2002)

Ratko Perić ; Diocese of Mostar

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (646 KB) str. 335-346 preuzimanja: 397* citiraj
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Perić R. Ekumenska postignuća (1962.-2002.). Crkva u svijetu [Internet]. 2002 [pristupljeno 15.10.2019.];37(3):335-346. Dostupno na:
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When there is a halt in the ecumenical relations or when there is
fatigue in the process of dialogues, it is good to remember ali that has been achieved in that field, especiallv in recent decades. Induced by that, the author brieflv describes and gathers various and very extensive ecumenical activities which have developed in the recent years between the Catholic and Orthodox church in the area of former Yugoslavia and have been continued in the newly formed states of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the first group of ecumenical achievements and initiatives there are Pope's gestures and pastoral visits, numerous church documents and guidlines from II.
Vatican Council tili now, joint prayers for the unity of Christians,
mutual meetings and also ecumenical dimension at catholic schools.
Another level of ecumenical efforts is the international theological
dialogue between the Catholic and Orthodox representatives which, in
our conditions, has assumed a form of dialogue between the
theological faculties in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. The relevance
of ecumenism is displayed by a great number of books, papers,
articles and reviews recently written on the ecumenical topics. But,
numerous ecumenical documents and conclusions will not be of great
use unless the Churches eventually accept them as obligatory.

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