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Ecclesiology of Shared Responsibility. Biblical-Dogmatic Foundations

Nikola Dogan ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Teologija u Đakovu

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The central and basic concept of the Seminar on Theology and Pastoral Work held this year in Ðakovo is shared responsibility in the Church, that is to say, shared responsibility in the pastoral service of the Diocese of Ðakovo and Srijem. The meaning of the term “shared responsibility” is clear, for it is entangled in our everyday lives, and life without it would not be possible. Shared responsibility is a special link between all the activities of the pastoral work in a local Church, e.g. a diocese. Nevertheless, although shared responsibility is very important and necessary in our daily lives, we hear more often about irresponsibility, lack of cooperation and individualised pastoral work. It is possible that the idea of the existing necessity for a deeper and more substantial shared responsibility in pastoral work, especially after the Second Diocesan Synod of Ðakovo and Srijem, served as the main reason why the Committee chose this theme and this discussion.
The article is divided into four chapters. The essential components of Christian anthropology - which is entirely based on shared responsibility - are discussed in the first chapter, whereas the second chapter is about Biblical God, God of shared responsibility and communion. The Church presented as a communion of individuals with shared responsibility can be found in the title of the third chapter.

Ključne riječi
Image of God; person; communion; “to exist for others”; responsibility; shared responsibility; irresponsibility; God Agape; the Church – Body of Christ

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