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Life and work of monsignor Ćiril Kos, bishop

Marin Srakić

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APA 6th Edition
Srakić, M. (2003). Mons. Ćiril Kos, biskup - život i djelo. Diacovensia, 11 (1), 143-163. Preuzeto s
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Srakić M. Mons. Ćiril Kos, biskup - život i djelo. Diacovensia [Internet]. 2003 [pristupljeno 28.10.2021.];11(1):143-163. Dostupno na:
M. Srakić, "Mons. Ćiril Kos, biskup - život i djelo", Diacovensia, vol.11, br. 1, str. 143-163, 2003. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 28.10.2021.]

The article presents life and work of recently deceased monsignor Ćiril Kos, retired bishop of the Diocese of Ðakovo and Srijem. In the beginning, it describes the childhood and education of the late bishop. Then it provides details about his priesthood and his work – from the time when he was the chaplain in Srijemska Mitrovica, parish priest in Trnjani, spiritual guide in the Priest Seminary in Ðakovo, professor at the Theology of Ðakovo (Faculty of Catholic Theology Zagreb), fruitful publisher, preacher, editor in chief of the official paper of the Diocese of Ðakovo and Srijem (Vjesnik Ðakovačke i Srijemske biskupije), secretary of the diocese, member
of the Capitol, the time when he was occupying various ministries in the diocese – until the time when he was appointed the diocesan bishop. Giving particulars of his ministry of a bishop, the article pictures the abundance and plenitude of the human life. Through his life and his work bishop Ćiril Kos talks to us as the man of the Church. This can be noticed in his committed concern for the
quality of pastoral in difficult times of the communist regime, the time when new parishes were established, pastoral visits realized, and new churches constructed. As the long-term president of the Council for Catechisation at the Croatian Bishops’ Conference, he was particularly dedicated to catechisation. The humanity of the
bishop is given special attention in the article: his care for the underprivileged and those deprived of their rights, his fatherly concern for his priests and his commitment to promotion of the spirit of ecumenism. The article also presents all the anxieties and
difficulties bishop Kos passed during the homeland war, when he witnessed sufferings and destruction of his diocese. He was arrested and sentenced by the communist regime in 1959, which is thoroughly described in the article. Thus, the bishop has remained the sign and witness of this historical time. The article ends with the partial list of the published works of bishop Ćiril Kos.

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