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Christian in Public Life - in Erlier Times and Nowdays

Josip Grbac ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet u Zagrebu, Teologija u Rijeci

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Regardless the importance of the personality and work of Vilko Anderlić, his work and his views should also be analysed critically. There are, namely, some things in his work that need to be modified: it is necessary to clearly define the function of the
faith as a factor of renewal in the society; to revalorize the certain apologetic approach to the evaluation of historical contributions of Christianity; social doctrine of the Church should be available to wide masses of people. There are also some elements that are not completely acceptable because they were a result of historical circumstances: morality and ethics were based on no more than religious principles; the belief that Christian attitudes are a priori inconsistent with so called "social democracy"; negative response to all the positive aspects of secularisation; elitist notion of the role of Christianity in the renewal of the society. It is certain that Anderlić's opinions are modern and applicable in our time in many ways: in ethical considerations of the renewal of the society it is not enough to simply promote the minimal ethical standards, it is necessary to promote social virtues as well; ethical pluralism does not equal ethical relativism- it is important to reach a consensus on
certain ethical principles that protect the principal values; it is necessary to define Christian identity, which is the precondition to any kind of compromise in political and other spheres of social life. To reconsider the work of Anderlić means to define the parameters for the engagement of Christians in the modern world.

Ključne riječi
Social dimension of Christianity; democracy; common welfare; secularisation; social authority; ethical pluralism; consensus on ethical principles; political engagement of the faithful

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