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Parish Community Ecclesiasticism

Josip Baloban

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (2 MB) str. 7-23 preuzimanja: 322* citiraj
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The author uses the empiric dato to present ecclesiasticism as a multidimensional and complex reality within the basic structure of the Church - that is to say - within a parioshu community. The ecclesiasticism of Christians in Crootia is mainly shown through the dimension of their belonging to the Church and through the ceremonial dimension. This means that a great number of Croatian Catholics activate their ecclesiasticism in an apparent way when it comes to the important events in their life (baptism, wedding, funeral). Nevertheless, far less Croatian Catholics are present at Eucharistic celebrations and other non - liturgical gatherings. Croatian belivers are, in the some way, less engaged in socila and chartable activities, and only a small number of them are active in parish structures. The autor points out at the presence of a ecclesiological and individual type of ecclesiasticism, emphasizing that, in the future, a parish will be the most tolerant basic structure of Church that will embrace all the Christians who can fully identify themselves with treir Church and their parish community, together with those who identify themselves with their Church only partially.

Ključne riječi
parish community; basic Church community; ecclesiasticism; sacraments; parish structures; liturgical celebrations

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