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Entomologia Croatica, Vol.13 No.1 August 2009.

Original scientific paper


Zoltan Varga ; Department of Evolutionary Zoology, University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary

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Varga, Z. (2009). THE SCIENTIFIC HERITAGE OF ZDRAVKO LORKOVIĆ (1900-1998). Entomologia Croatica, 13(1), 85-94. Retrieved from

The development of the evolutionary thought has been connected with the scientific work of several outstanding lepidopterologists: O. Staudinger, S. S. Četverikov, B. L. Astaurov, E. B. Ford, H. B. D. Kettlewell, G. de Lattin, E. Suomalainen. The scientific work of Professor Lorković worthily can be associated to these important researchers.
He has been well known: in fine karyological techniques experimental
hybridisation of critical species, as one of the pioneers of cytotaxonomy, he recognised very early the enormous variability of chromosome, best field experts of the Balkanic high mountains, as describer of the intermediate stages of the process of speciation and create the concept „semispecies”, often cited by the classics of the evolutionary biology, he created a new term - the “ecosurface”
etc and etc. In his quite long life, and also scientific long work his
scientific personality and humanity deeply fascinated.

Z. Lorković; Lepidoptera; fauna; genetics

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