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Original scientific paper

Actual and Future Perspectives of Isothermal NSC-Engines

Wilhelm SERVIS
Vladimir MEDICA ; Faculty of Engineering University of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia

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It is doubtless that the world population, energy consumption and worldwide environment and biosphere pollution are growing almost synchronously and exponentially and this fact is causing enormous environmental problems and will continue to do so (CO2, NOX and the consequences; global earth warming, global earth dimming, ozone hole, global climate changes etc. The energy reserves of the planet will be approx. until the end of the actual century well exhausted). One can deduce that the solutions for a number of mentioned problems are in the improvement of some of the primary causal factors, especially the current thermal engines. This can satisfactorily be achieved only:
A) By developing new high efficiency thermal engine concepts, e.g. the
newly-developed “NSC-Concept” (NSC=New Stirling engine Concept
[1]), and on this concept based “Isothermal NSC-engines [4]”, geared for
consequent use of actual conventional and alternative energy sources
(e.g. all combustible gases - especially hydrogen, solar energy sources,
geothermal and other energy sources and waste heat or waste cold
B) By invention and application of new energy sources and technologies,
especially the industrial hydrogen production and in this way to start the
“Hydrogen energy age” [3].
This topic and NSC-concept was thoroughly analysed by the first author (PhD Thesis [1]). Both authors reported about it several times and recently in [5], [6] and [12]. The research results show that new isothermal NSC-engines are and will be suitable for nearly all application fields of the actual thermal engines.
The paper presents an overview of the latest results of the above-mentioned research and presents actual and possible future application perspectives of isothermal process based thermal NSC-engines.

Application fields of NSC-engines; Isothermal NSC-engine; Isothermal NSC - process

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