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Some Weather and Climate Features of Krasno and the Surrounding Area

Juraj Medvedović ; Donja Bistra
Janja Milković ; Državni hidrometeorološki zavod Zagreb
Miljenko Tomaić ; Hrvatske šume, Šumarija Krasno

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APA 6th Edition
Medvedović, J., Milković, J. i Tomaić, M. (2009). Neke značajke vremena i klime Krasna i okolnog područja. Šumarski list, 133 (11-12), 613-621. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Medvedović, Juraj, et al. "Neke značajke vremena i klime Krasna i okolnog područja." Šumarski list, vol. 133, br. 11-12, 2009, str. 613-621. Citirano 09.05.2021.
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Medvedović, Juraj, Janja Milković i Miljenko Tomaić. "Neke značajke vremena i klime Krasna i okolnog područja." Šumarski list 133, br. 11-12 (2009): 613-621.
Medvedović, J., Milković, J., i Tomaić, M. (2009). 'Neke značajke vremena i klime Krasna i okolnog područja', Šumarski list, 133(11-12), str. 613-621. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 09.05.2021.)
Medvedović J, Milković J, Tomaić M. Neke značajke vremena i klime Krasna i okolnog područja. Šumarski list [Internet]. 2009 [pristupljeno 09.05.2021.];133(11-12):613-621. Dostupno na:
J. Medvedović, J. Milković i M. Tomaić, "Neke značajke vremena i klime Krasna i okolnog područja", Šumarski list, vol.133, br. 11-12, str. 613-621, 2009. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 09.05.2021.]

Air and precipitation temperatures have regularly and continuously been taken and some atmospheric occurrences recorded in the courtyard of the Krasno Forest Office since July 1999. Measurement data were processed, presented in table and graphic form and analyzed. Most of the phenomena were recorded in the Forestry Chronicle, and only a part is cited in the article. The Chronicle is situated in the Forest Office of Krasno. In addition to the data mentioned above, the analysis also included data from the climatological station Ličko Lešće and the main meteorological station of Zavižan for the period 2000–2008. The analysis in this paper embraced the two most important meteorological elements of weather and climate: air temperature and precipitation quantity. The mean monthly and annual temperatures, as well as extreme temperatures (absolute maximal and minimal) were analyzed in terms of air temperature, whereas the mean monthly and annual values, as well as the highest daily precipitation quantities were analyzed in terms of precipitation.
The weather conditions of Krasno (two stations) were analyzed on the basis of an eight-year data series, as well as on the basis of the data from two meteorological stations (Ličko Lešće and Zavižan). The purpose was to provide forestry experts with as much information as possible on the weather in this part of Lika. Based on the data for the 1061–1990 series, the climate type for this area was determined under the Köppen climate classification. The climate type marked with the formula Cfsbx” (the temperate warm rainy climate) was found to be prevalent in the broader area around Krasno, whereas at altitudes around and above 1,500 m and on Zavižan the climate type was marked with the formula Dfscx” (the snowy forest climate). The mean values obtained from the eight-year period in all the stations fall into the criteria used for the mentioned classification.
The dependence of meteorological elements on altitude was confirmed. For this reason, the forestry experts are advised to give more “weight” to altitude rather than to the distance from the measuring stations during data interpolation for particular forest areas.
According to the Forestry Chronicle, there were dry – rainy years, with plenty of snow and without any snow. There were mass outbreaks of forest pests, but also years conducive to the growth of forest vegetation. It is very important that no series of unfavourable years were formed during the past 8 years of monitoring; instead, favourable and unfavourable years alternated, so that the forests always recovered from the years with adverse weather conditions.
The results of measurements have multiple applications for the forestry science; among other things, they allow a better insight into the life conditions of the area and serve for the drawing up of the chapter on the ecological conditions of forest sites in particular management units.

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climate; forest vegetation; Krasno; Lika

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