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The Covenant in the Book of Revelation

Nikola Hohnjec ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb

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APA 6th Edition
Hohnjec, N. (2009). Savez u Otkrivenju. Crkva u svijetu, 44 (4), 403-432. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Hohnjec, Nikola. "Savez u Otkrivenju." Crkva u svijetu, vol. 44, br. 4, 2009, str. 403-432. Citirano 25.07.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Hohnjec, Nikola. "Savez u Otkrivenju." Crkva u svijetu 44, br. 4 (2009): 403-432.
Hohnjec, N. (2009). 'Savez u Otkrivenju', Crkva u svijetu, 44(4), str. 403-432. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 25.07.2021.)
Hohnjec N. Savez u Otkrivenju. Crkva u svijetu [Internet]. 2009 [pristupljeno 25.07.2021.];44(4):403-432. Dostupno na:
N. Hohnjec, "Savez u Otkrivenju", Crkva u svijetu, vol.44, br. 4, str. 403-432, 2009. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 25.07.2021.]

This lengthy article explores the heretofore neglected theme of the covenant in the Book of Revelation. Following an introduction to the manifold contents of the covenant is an exegetical-theological interpretation of the sole direct reference to the covenant in the Book of Revelation (11,19), followed by an elaboration of the explicit formulation of the covenant (21,3). The implicit components of the covenant are as follows: Noah’s universal covenant (4,3), Jesus Christ as a slain Lamb (5,6 etc.), the apocalyptic woman (12), the covenantal community – the city of Jerusalem and its foundations: the patriarchs and apostles (21), messianic and sacerdotal authority (1,5-6; 5,10), the covenantal structure (2-3), witness and covenantal judgments and curses (6). The most extensive section is the conclusion of the elaboration of the message of the contents and the toponymy of the new eschatological covenant: a new name (2,17, 3,12), a new song (5,9-10), and all things new (21,5-6). This is followed by a toponymic analysis of the covenant as a theme: a new Jerusalem (3,12; 21,2), a new earth and a new heaven (21,1), and a short summary. The conclusion provides confirmation of the immutability of the new covenant.

Ključne riječi
covenant; formulation of the covenantal contracting; ark of the covenant; new covenant; covenantal sacrifice of Jesus Christ – the Lamb; covenantal structure (Rev 2 - 3); covenantal kingdom and priests; covenantal judgments and curses; universal (Noah’s) covenant; apocalyptic woman; new name; new song; all things new; (new) city of Jerusalem; new heaven and new earth and witness

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