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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.10/11 No.1 Veljača 2002.

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Spirit of the Istrian Middle Ages: Coexistence of Elite and Popular Culture. Geometrical-Metrical-Stylistic Analysis of the Chapel of st. Rok in Draguć

Mladen Pejaković ; Buconjiceva 19, Zagreb, Croatia
Sanja Grković ; Ministry of Culture, Directorate for Cultural Heritage Protection, Zagreb, Croatia

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Pejaković, M., Grković, S. (1999). Duh istarskoga srednjovjekovlja: koegzistencija elitne i pučke kulture. Geometrijsko-metričko-stilska analiza crkvice Sv. Roka u Draguću. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 10/11(1), 29-62. Preuzeto s

The paper presents one of the possible approaches to the research and analyses of the cultural heritage in general, as well as the cultural heritage of Istria. It is only a part of a mosaic that taken as a whole establishes a name for the Istrian area as a place of extraordinary traditional values, and Istrian people as inheritors of cultural components that are only ostensibly incompatible.
Assuming the problem of sacral space of the chapel of St. Rok in Draguć - in which making craftsmen of various crafts and skills had been involved, and which unites the views of same crafts in various mechanical skills - i.e. same measure, i.e. same way of composing - the paper points out the presence of those days contemporary universally accepted principles of construction building.
On the other hand, consideration of cultural image of Istria of those days that range from for example fresco painting or graffiti, even folk art, reveal in artistic (and not only in artistic) expression prevailing ethnological tone.
Such pluralistic approach shows the intertwining and coexistence of elite and popular cultures, as well as extremely complex cultural flows containing Slavonic, Germanic and Roman omens. It thus reveals Istria as a point of convergence and intersection of influences of broader Mediterranean, but also Central European areas.

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geometrical-metrical-stylistic analysis; the chapel of St. Rok; Draguć; Istria

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