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Synthesis philosophica, Vol.24 No.2 February 2010.

Preliminary communication

Cosmopolitanism and Liberalism: Kant and Contemporary Liberal Cosmopolitanism

Rafał Wonicki ; Warsaw University, Institute of Philosophy, Warsaw, Poland

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Wonicki, R. (2009). Cosmopolitanism and Liberalism: Kant and Contemporary Liberal Cosmopolitanism. Synthesis philosophica, 24(2), 271-280. Retrieved from

The author of this paper compares Kant’s notion of cosmopolitan right with contemporary liberal cosmopolitanism of such theorists like James Bohman (Professor of Philosophy at Saint Louis University) and David Held (Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science). These two theorists bring Kant’s cosmopolitan right and reshape it by taking into consideration the process of globalization and the fact of pluralism. It is necessary to investigate how far these authors have changed the insight into Kant’s cosmopolitan right and its implications as well as how deeply the authors reshape the classical liberal political vocabulary.

Immanuel Kant; David Held; James Bohman; cosmopolitanism; liberalism; democracy

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