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Seeking strongpoint

Ante Mateljan   ORCID icon ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split

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Every man seeks the strongpoint of his own existence, i.e. the
sense of it. That seeking happens on several levels, through
aspiration to get to know the outer world, through inner conviction
about one's own self and through the encounter with the other one.
This paper, first of ali, analyses man as the seeker of strongpoint,
then seeking strongpoint through the perception of created world and
through efforts to acquire new forms of inner spiritual experience, as
well as through yearning for the other one. The famous mathematician
and physicist Archimedes has been suggested as an ideal
seeker on the field of science, while the Greek philosopher Diogenes
as an ideal seeker of man. The cosmologist S. Hawking presents a
modern way for seeking strongpoint in perceiving the world, while the
physicist F. Capra and the writer P. Coelho present the way for
seeking strongpoint in new spiritual experience.
The third part explains what christian faith offers to the seekers
of sense, and that is the encounter with God alive, who Himself, in
Jesus Christ, started searching for man, which is particularly
stressed in the latest encyclical of John Paul II. under the title "Fides
et ratio". At the end the importance of accepting "the paradoxical" in
christian faith is pointed out, to which the analysis of love especially
refers, as to fundamental command and definition of God "who is

Ključne riječi
existence; sense; reason and faith; experience; New Age

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