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The role of system of values in development of economy and society

Tomislav Ivančić

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Ivančić T. Uloga vrijednosti u razvoju gospodarstva i društva. Crkva u svijetu [Internet]. 1998 [pristupljeno 13.05.2021.];33(4):343-355. Dostupno na:
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As long as until the seventies of this century economy and society
were developing independently, aside from the entire man's activity, i. e. beyond the system of values. The economic crises of the seventies brought the turn of events. On the level of theology the changes were stirred not only by the church social documents but also by theology of liberation and political theology. On the economic level it came about such conviction that ethical codex was necessary in economy and enterprise and that ethical principles and norms were urgent on ali levels of economy.
From the philosophical point of vlew it is clear that man's špirit
is the form of his mental and physical life and activity. Therefore,
without spiritual values, it is as impossible to have insight into entire
economic and market laws as it is to protect man and his
environment from unrestrained market competition and production.
Man is a spiritual-mental and physical person. Spiritual quality is not
opposite to physical and mental quality; it is their transformation and
their victory over the chaotic menthal and physical elements. Špirit
creates unity and meaningful connection between mental and physical
life. Soul is fragmentary, špirit is integral. Špirit is beyond space and
time, thus it is not bound by mental and physical alternatives. With
špirit man can cross the limits of conscious. With špirit man becomes
a lord not a slave of cosmic powers, he becomes a friend of nature.
Špirit acts as enlightening power, it breaks free from the power of
earth and blood. Špirit carries axiological mark, it is truth, beauty,
goodness, sense and freedom. Without spiritual quality man's
economic and social activity is frustrating. Without špirit it is
impossible to see through business processes and to realise market
In order to act according to its nature, man's špirit, which is
virtually unlimited, needs to be in collusion with the Absolute, with
God. Without system of values man's spiritual organism falls into
conflicts, confusion, vulnerability and despair. It is essential to
develop the špirit of trust toward Creator and toward people so that
the whole man's organism could function harmoniously and
healthfully. That is why a certain pneumatic medicine is necessary,
which, together with Creator's love, helps to get out of conflicts, to
cure the wounds of soul; it refits man's spirituality to permeate his
entire activity.
Modern trends in economy and enterprise indicate that man,
economy and free market have no future unless spiritual dimension
is included.

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