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Cris : Časopis Povijesnog društva Križevci, Vol.XI No.1 Veljača 2010.

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Water-mills in Križevci subcounty in 1851

Mira Kolar   ORCID icon

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Water-mills are first plants for agricultural raw material processing. They were built out of need and with no defined plan and sprouted on streams and riverswhere water was in abundance. Depending on the quantity of water, watermills were of various shape and their construction showed the creativity of builders. Although no bigger river flows through Križevci subcounty, the number of water-mills is amazing. These watermills, spread over the last period of feudalism, are called streamers or brookers as they were mainly set on streams or brooks. They represented tradition, continuity and the need to be independent in terms of food, but also the ordinary people’s desire to be protected in them as in oases of peace in a time of growing industrialisation and the advance of commodity and monetary relations.
In this battle, however, wind-mills were losers, but their number and participation of all strata of society in owning them show their great significance.

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Križevci subcounty; water-mills

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