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Cris : časopis Povijesnog društva Križevci, Vol.XI No.1 Veljača 2010.

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West Slavonija on the eve of Homenland war up to november of 1991


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ŠKVORC, Đ. (2009). Zapadna Slavonija uoči i u Domovinskom ratu do studenoga 1991. godine. Cris : časopis Povijesnog društva Križevci, XI(1), 116-125. Preuzeto s

West Slavonian territory played an important role in realizing Serbian expansion plans. It was urgent to take power in larger places as Okučani, Lipik, Pakrac, Daruvar, Slatina and Virovitica. Serbian forces wanted: to make combats easier for their soldiers in East Slavonia; to unite with JNA forces in garrisons in Bjelovar, Daruvar, Koprivnica, Križevci, Virovitica and Varaždin; to cut off East Slavonia from Zagreb. By accomplishing the last task the very existence of the Republic of Croatia would have been at stake. Seizing control of West Slavonia and uniting with the forces
attacking from the east, the aggressor planned to focus all their potential on Zagreb.
Croatian efforts were directed towards defending Pakrac, Lipik, Daruvar, Grubišno Polje and Bilogora. Croatian forces were scarce and could hardly resist the attacks. Besides completing already existing armed units and forming new ones with regular soldiers, a lot of volunteers helped on the battle field. Unfortunately, as there was shortage of weapons and ammunition, all those forces were not strong enough to defy the enemy. However, unfavourable conditions could not destroy the winning spirit of Croatian soldiers and the Serbian rebels were driven out from Pakrac and Lipik on 19th August, 1991.
The situation on the battle field drastically altered in mid September of 1991, when some barracks and arsenals were set free. During October of the same year new forces were ready to join and thus 1991 November saw defence-liberation operations.

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Homeland war; West Slavonia; Serbian rebels; 32nd corps; 5th Banjaluka corps; Okučani; headquarters; forming of armed units

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