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Cris : Časopis Povijesnog društva Križevci, Vol. XI No. 1, 2009.

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Juraj Dragišić in the Digital World

BRUNO ĆURKO ; Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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A development of modern electronic services has enabled an easier access to many books, scholarly articles, encyclopedias, lexicons, handbooks and their related releases. On the World Wide Web, there are dozens of digital libraries that deal with collecting old text materials. Some of them are specialized for neo-Latin texts. From the example of Croatian philosopher Juraj Dragišić (c. 1445-
1520), it is obvious in what extent does the modern technology make it easy to research his biography and his writings. Two of his works are fully available online: De natura coelestium spirituum quos Angelos vocamus (1499) and Defensie praestantissimi viri Ioannis Reuchlin (1517). Among the digitized books and articles on the network can still be found about fifty works, ranging from the sixteenth century to the present, recorded name or doctrine of Dragišić. Among numerous digitized works through electronic networks we can easily come up on the latest data releases in which is Dragišić mentioned.
On Hrčak Portal of Croatian Scientific Journals, we can find four articles about Dragišić so far, while the Croatian Scientific Bibliography contains 24 bibliographic units related with our Renaissance philosopher.

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Juraj Dragišić; digitization; World Wide Web; digital libraries; Frane Petrić

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