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Cris : Časopis Povijesnog društva Križevci, Vol. XI No. 1, 2009.

Recenzija, Prikaz

Križevci motivs in Antun Nemčić’s literary work

PETAR MILAS ; Gimnazija Ivana Zakmardija Dijankovečkoga Križevci, Hrvatska

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This text is dedicated to the hundred and sixtieth anniversary of the death of Antun Nemčić
who was a popular writer of the Revival Period, also known as Romanticism. Although he was not Križevci-born, Nemčić considered the town to be his homeland. He wrote travelogue prose entitled Putositnice/ Travel trifles in which he described his impressions while travelling from Croatia to Italy and Austria. This work of his made him the founder of travelogue prose in our literature. In his other work, comedy Kvas bez kruha/ Leaven without bread, or Tko će biti veliki sudac”/ Who will be the great judge?, Nemčić gives a satiric account of a true eventthe election of county officials in Križevci that must have been funny by itself. These two works contain the whole range of Križevci motives so that the present day inhabitants regard Nemčić as their most famous citizen. They erected a monument in the middle of the central city square to pay him tribute. The very square was also named after Nemčić. After his premature death at the age of 36, Nemčić’s last resting-place is, according to his will, on the city cemetery.

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Antun Nemčić; Putositnice; travelogue prose; Kvas bez kruha; Udes ljudski; novel; Križevci; Romanticism; Terezija Vrančić; Pacta conventa; Hungarization

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