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Cris : Časopis Povijesnog društva Križevci, Vol. XI No. 1, 2009.

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Dr Franjo Ožegovićfirst croatian oil geologist


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Oil and gas began to be searched for in Croatia more than a hundred years ago but it was only after World War Two that the work became intensive. In 1948 Franjo Ožegović discovered first postwar oil field in Croatia. It was Križ-Šumećani.
Parallelly with oil research he worked at the Faculty of Engineering, soon reaching the post of senior lecturer, later of associate professor and finally full professor. For years he was head of the institute, twice elected vice-dean and the Faculty dean in 1959/60. He wrote a few scientific and expert works, edited the periodical Nafta, acted as chairman to the Croatian Geological Society, was the first honorary member of the Scientific Oil Council in JAZU/HAZU and the Croatian Geologic Society. Together with his wife Antonija he used to entertain highly educated and patriotic company in Gornje Vine, where he owned a vineyard and a cottage. He died in 1978 and was buried on Križevci cemetery.

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Dr Franjo Ožegović; oil geology; Faculty of Engineering and Technology; HAZU; Croatian Geologic Society; Križevci cemetery

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