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Confidence and Responsibility in Education

Mihaly Szentmartoni ; Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The lecture consists of two parts. In the first part one deals with the comprehension of the behavior of children and of the young. When a child is "naughty" it is often a message for the parents more to occupy themselves with the child or it may express the child's fight for self-respect. The second part deals with the problem of losing the faith of many children whose parents had educated them in a religious spirit and had sent them to Catechism classes. The reason for that lost could be also the unsuitable authority of the parents when they do not live according to the values they would like to transmit and by that they invoke God's commandments. The author underlines that the Ten Commandments have been written for adults and not for children and he hints at the fact that we have neglected the evangelization of grown-ups at the account of catechizing children. The secret of the successful religious education is in the endeavour that both parents and children be enjoying an equal condition in front of God.

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