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Life, a grift and grace

Celestin Tomić ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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We live in times of great and sudden changes. Technical and scientific possibilities encompass the natural processes of human life from conception to death. There is an increasing acceptance of the belief that the right to life only means the right to a happy life. Rooted in the contemporary world is the myth that suffering and pain can and should be removed from human life, personal and social. Therefore, serious questions have been posed regarding the value and purpose of life.
The author asserts that it is impossible to give a complete answer to the question of what life is unless the religious dimension is taken into account.
To live according to the Bible does not mean simply to exist as things but to incorporate the idea of activity, movement, productivity. To live means to he in union with God who gives life. Where God is not a factor, life is not an authentic life. Therefore, every human life has value and purpose only in God.
As background to these thoughts, the author notes that the beginning and end of human life recognizes this exaltation which God gives to life. Man is the "image of God" from the moment of his conception. The unborn is a person from conception and he must die as a person.

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