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Targeting the Endothelium

Jose A. Adams ; Mount Sinai Medical Center, Div. Neonatology 3-BLUM, 4300 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Fl 33140, USA

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The endothelium is an active organ with paracrine-endocrine capabilities that directs a multitude of physiological actions
both locally and remotely. Cardiac arrest and resuscitation is a model of whole body ischemia reperfusion injury, interventions
that have their basis in cytoprotection, reduction of the inflammatory cascade, fibrinolysis and improvement of
microvasculature blood flow target the endothelium. This presentation will review pharmacologic, cell targeted therapies
and periodic acceleration (pGz) interventions that have the endothelium in part as the target organ. The clinical potential
of such interventions as preconditioning, conditioning and postconditioning strategies associated with cardiac arrest will
be defined.

Ključne riječi
endothelium; periodic acceleration (pGz); cardiac arrest; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; ischemia reperfusion; nitric oxide; shear stress

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