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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.7/8 No.1 Ožujak 1999.

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Moreška in the Context of the Mediterranean and Oriental World

Aleksandar Lopašić ; University of Reading, United Kingdom

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Lopašić, A. (1996). Moreška in the Context of the Mediterranean and Oriental World. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 7/8(1), 229-233. Preuzeto s

Folklore of many Mediterranean societies has been influenced by long¬standing Christian-Muslim contact and conflict. One of the results of this contacts is the well-known sword-dance and play called Moreška. The Autor deals with the Moreška play as a part of a complex spreading across the Mediterranean and recorded for the first time in Lérida in Spain in 1150. Once also well-known in S-Croatia, it is performed on the island of Korčula until the present day. Moreška is also discussed as a part of the Folklore of Dalmatia and of the Mediterranean in general and considered as a part of the long and changeable history of Dalmatia and as such of the Mediterranean world and culture.

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sword-dance moreška; folklor; Mediterranean; Orient

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