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Shaping and analysis of dome structure for the Krešimir Ćosić Hall in Zadar

Damir Lazarević
Milutin Anđelić
Mario Uroš

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (713 KB) str. 875-886 preuzimanja: 1.025* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
Lazarević, D., Anđelić, M. i Uroš, M. (2010). Oblikovanje i proračun kupole dvorane „Krešimir Ćosić“ u Zadru. Građevinar, 62 (10.), 875-886. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Lazarević, Damir, et al. "Oblikovanje i proračun kupole dvorane „Krešimir Ćosić“ u Zadru." Građevinar, vol. 62, br. 10., 2010, str. 875-886. Citirano 27.11.2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Lazarević, Damir, Milutin Anđelić i Mario Uroš. "Oblikovanje i proračun kupole dvorane „Krešimir Ćosić“ u Zadru." Građevinar 62, br. 10. (2010): 875-886.
Lazarević, D., Anđelić, M., i Uroš, M. (2010). 'Oblikovanje i proračun kupole dvorane „Krešimir Ćosić“ u Zadru', Građevinar, 62(10.), str. 875-886. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 27.11.2020.)
Lazarević D, Anđelić M, Uroš M. Oblikovanje i proračun kupole dvorane „Krešimir Ćosić“ u Zadru. Građevinar [Internet]. 2010 [pristupljeno 27.11.2020.];62(10.):875-886. Dostupno na:
D. Lazarević, M. Anđelić i M. Uroš, "Oblikovanje i proračun kupole dvorane „Krešimir Ćosić“ u Zadru", Građevinar, vol.62, br. 10., str. 875-886, 2010. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 27.11.2020.]

The behaviour of the static system of the hall, and numerical procedures applied in structural analysis,are described in the paper. Problems caused by dome shape, and interventions needed to eliminatesuch problems, are presented in some detail. Algorithms used for proving bearing capacity are brieflypresented, and the approach adopted in stability analysis is described in more detail. An emphasis isplaced on some difficulties identified during structural analysis that have still remained unsolved, whichis primarily due to insufficient number of experiments.

Ključne riječi
Krešimir Ćosić Hall; dome; arc-length method; post-critical behaviour; imperfection sensitivity; compound buckling

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