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St. Paul’s Preaching

Ivica Čatić   ORCID icon ; Catholic Faculty of Theology in Đakovo, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Đakovo, Croatia

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I. Čatić, "Propovjedništvo u sv. Pavla", Diacovensia, vol.18, br. 3, str. 477-481, 2010. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 18.10.2021.]

As the only possibility to get to the original sermons by St. Paul (except for those from ACT, which are a result of St. Luke’s elaboration) is the reconstruction based on his epistles, this article, of pastoral orientation, examines the prominent moments of St. Paul’s theological-pastoral thought, the foundation of his apostolic activities which he called preaching. The first characteristic of his preaching is the well-known fact tat St. Paul tried to avoid burdening his audience, i.e. Church community as hard as he could. This is reflected in his endeavour to excuse the converts from paganism from the burden of the Jewish Law; it was sufficient for them to be baptized to be allowed to enter the Church. The second feature of St. Paul’s position was his inflexibility when it came to the basic elements of the Christian life, which were to be respected unconditionally. The best illustration is seriousness with which he apprehends and depicts the mystery of christening and its impact on the christened: ROM: 6-8: life of the Christian is a continuous pace in the novelty of the Spirit or there is no life! This brings us to the next characteristic of St. Paul’s preaching of the Gospel: emphasis on moral life. Uncompromisingly denouncing and criticizing the inadequate moral standards in particular Church communities, he depicts the Church as a new cosmic reality which inevitably obliges the members of the community to the new life. Seen from this point of view, St. Paul’s preaching manifests dynamic tension by which he wants to lead the Church communities he addresses to the fullness of their purpose. Thus, from the pastoral perspective, the very life of the community becomes a moral for the bystanders and the testimony to the new members.

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St. Paul; St. Paul’s epistles; St. Paul’s preaching; Christian identity; moral life

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