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Influence of peptide and amino acids on the formation of cheese flavour

Nataša Mikulec   ORCID icon ; Dairy Science Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Svetošimunska 25, Zagreb, Croatia
Ivan Habuš
Neven Antunac
Ljubinka Vitale
Jasmina Havranek

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APA 6th Edition
Mikulec, N., Habuš, I., Antunac, N., Vitale, Lj. i Havranek, J. (2010). Utjecaj peptida i aminokiselina na formiranje arome sira. Mljekarstvo, 60 (4), 219-227. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Mikulec, Nataša, et al. "Utjecaj peptida i aminokiselina na formiranje arome sira." Mljekarstvo, vol. 60, br. 4, 2010, str. 219-227. Citirano 18.04.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Mikulec, Nataša, Ivan Habuš, Neven Antunac, Ljubinka Vitale i Jasmina Havranek. "Utjecaj peptida i aminokiselina na formiranje arome sira." Mljekarstvo 60, br. 4 (2010): 219-227.
Mikulec, N., et al. (2010). 'Utjecaj peptida i aminokiselina na formiranje arome sira', Mljekarstvo, 60(4), str. 219-227. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 18.04.2021.)
Mikulec N, Habuš I, Antunac N, Vitale Lj, Havranek J. Utjecaj peptida i aminokiselina na formiranje arome sira. Mljekarstvo [Internet]. 2010 [pristupljeno 18.04.2021.];60(4):219-227. Dostupno na:
N. Mikulec, I. Habuš, N. Antunac, Lj. Vitale i J. Havranek, "Utjecaj peptida i aminokiselina na formiranje arome sira", Mljekarstvo, vol.60, br. 4, str. 219-227, 2010. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 18.04.2021.]

Complex microbiological and biochemical changes take place during cheese ripening process, having a significant impact on the formation of organoleptic characteristics of the final product. Proteolytic
enzymes degraded casein to larger and smaller peptides and free amino acids. The quantity and the ratios of particular amino acids and soluble peptides significantly influence the texture and organoleptic properties of cheese. The products of amino acid degradation in cheese are alcohols, aldehydes, esters, acids and sulphur compounds, which form specific aromas of various cheese types. More than 200 different volatile components have been identified in cheese. Cheese flavour is concentrated in the watersoluble fraction (peptides, amino acids, organic acids and amines), while aroma is mainly concentrated in the volatile fraction (organic acids, aldehydes, amines, esters). Many cheeses contain the same or similar components, but in different concentrations and ratios. Specific characteristics of cheese aroma are not based only on one specific compound, but on combination of different compounds produced in the maturing process. The technological process of cheese production can be accelerated and modified by influencing proteolytic processes, which are therefore the subject of intense research.

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cheese flavour; peptide; amino acids

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