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Essay on Science and GMO

Valerije Vrček   ORCID icon ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Zagreb, Croatia

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (308 KB) str. 231-235 preuzimanja: 2.103* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
Vrček, V. (2010). Esej o znanosti i GMO-u. Filozofska istraživanja, 30 (1-2), 231-235. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Vrček, Valerije. "Esej o znanosti i GMO-u." Filozofska istraživanja, vol. 30, br. 1-2, 2010, str. 231-235. Citirano 23.10.2019.
Chicago 17th Edition
Vrček, Valerije. "Esej o znanosti i GMO-u." Filozofska istraživanja 30, br. 1-2 (2010): 231-235.
Vrček, V. (2010). 'Esej o znanosti i GMO-u', Filozofska istraživanja, 30(1-2), str. 231-235. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 23.10.2019.)
Vrček V. Esej o znanosti i GMO-u. Filozofska istraživanja [Internet]. 2010 [pristupljeno 23.10.2019.];30(1-2):231-235. Dostupno na:
V. Vrček, "Esej o znanosti i GMO-u", Filozofska istraživanja, vol.30, br. 1-2, str. 231-235, 2010. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 23.10.2019.]

This manuscript presents elements which enable better orientation in the area “contaminated“ with scientific confiscation of facts, values, crucial evidences, and final interpretations. From the spectrum of modern disciplines, molecular biology is selected as a model for understanding of mechanisms underlying scientific privatization of contents and areas which belong to local community and the whole society as well. The recombinant DNA method, which enabled development of GMO-s, is specifically emphasized in the rich arsenal of molecular biology.
GMO-s present “classical” scientific controversy in which one side recognizes these “mutants” as unnecessary and flawed inventions, while the other side introduces them as readymade recipe for solving environment, food and health related problems.
Four objections (scientific fatalism, economical illiteracy, failure of GMO features, and precautionary principle) are considered in order to demystify scientific hymn about GMO.

Ključne riječi
molecular biology; science and public; progress; precautionary principle

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