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Marko Ek ; student Hrvatskog jezika i književnosti, Filozofski fakultet, Osijek

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (540 KB) str. 156-168 preuzimanja: 3.875* citiraj
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Aiming to achieve better quality while teaching literature, there are certain assets that are used. There are four types of assets that are used in different phases of lessons and those are visual, auditive, audiovisual and textual assets. Visual assets usually include illustrations, pictures, books and magazines. Visual assets are
included in most of the lessons and are often connected to auditive assets. Pupils can listen to the radio broadcast that deals with literature, and as well, use the materials that are prepared on auditive readers. Audiovisual assets require longer preparation
and elaboration so they are not used often. Nevertheless, pupils enjoy watching movies, especially if they have already read the book that film is about. Based on the experience acquired while watching the movie, teachers can make a lot of interesting assignments for discussion and analysis. Discussion and analysis help pupils to
observe and perceive better. Textual assets cannot be omitted because they are considered as basic assets for further learning. Textual assets are incorporated in most of the lessons because they incite pupils to think and learn. All of the mentioned assets are very important while teaching. It is an accomplishment if teacher can
connect and combine different assets during the one lesson.

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teaching assets; auditive teaching assets; visual teaching assets; audiovisual teaching assets; textual teaching assets

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