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In his career, somewhat longer than 22 years, Lehner was frequently transferred from place to place. Beside working as municipal and county physician he worked also as a spa doctor. Very much interested in the stuttering treatment, his own problem that he had solved during his student period in Vienna, he kept trying to sensitize his fellow-doctors, teachers, but also the Croatian authorities for this problem. He lectured and published on this topic in the professional medical journal, but also in the newspapers. About stuttering he published, at his own expenses, first a booklet (1895) and then a book (1912). Therefore it is justified to consider him a pioneer of logopedy in Croatia albeit, regrettably, forgotten. In order to improve the health situation in Croatia as well as the social status of his profession, he wrote about the health system and the position of doctor in the society.

Ključne riječi
Stuttering – history, therapy; Speech therapy – history; Croatia

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