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Hrvatski geografski glasnik, Vol.59. No.1. Prosinac 1997.

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To What Extent is the Adriatic Sea Actually Burdened with Men-induced and Natural Inflow of Substances

Bogdan Sekulić
Ivan Sondi

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Sekulić, B., Sondi, I. (1997). Koliko je Jadran doista opterećen antropogenim i prirodnim unosom tvari?. Hrvatski geografski glasnik, 59.(1.), 95-104. Preuzeto s

Land-based sources of pollution are polyvalent. Effluents of human origin, as well as by rivers and surface ablution, huge quantities of substances are carried into the sea every year. The most dominant among them are sediments. This paper presents an assessment of inflow of waters and sediments from man-created and natural resources in the river basin of the Adriatic sea, and the impact they have on the environment. The Adriatic sea belongs to the low-energy sediment environments with the low-scale transport of sediments. Since they have a large capacity for binding the pollutants, spreading of pollution to wider areas is thereby significantly decreased. Inflow of sediments by rivers comparatively exceeds men-included inflow. The paper also includes a demographic survey of population densitiy of littorals on the east and west coast of the Adriatic sea, and the impact that the major towns have on the environment.

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waters; men-induced; natural; population; pollutants; sediments; environment; the Adriatic Sea

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