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Serpentine Waste Milling

M. Leško
M. Búgel
A. Pietriková
T. Bakalár

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M. Leško, M. Búgel, A. Pietriková i T. Bakalár, "Serpentine Waste Milling", Metalurgija, vol.45, br. 1, str. 31-35, 2006. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 23.02.2020.]

Serpentine heaps in the surroundings of Dobšina are a long-life ecological problem of the city and at the same time a suitable raw material for production of MgCl2 and SiO2. In the technological scheme of chemical processing the milling operation it has an important role. In this context the milling rate is an important parameter for creation of the technological scheme and suggestion of industrial equipment.

Ključne riječi
serpentine waste; milling; technological scheme; MgCl2, SiO2

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