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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.60 Prosinac 2010.

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Contribution to the reconstruction of the Croatian Glagolitic Bible

Marica Čunčić ; Old Church Slavonic Institute, Zagreb

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Čunčić, M. (2010). Prilog rekonstrukciji hrvatske glagoljske Biblije. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (60), 167-197. Preuzeto s

Some documents confirm that the Croatian Church Slavonic Bible was in use but it has not been preserved. The Bible readings from the Glagolitic liturgical books are very important in the reconstruction of the biblical books and the whole Bible. The research results of the analytical bibliography of the biblical readings of the Kopenhagen Missal from the end of the 14th century, the Vatican Eighth Missal from 1435, and the Novi Missal from the 15th century are presented in a table in such a way that the biblical reference is connected with the leaf and column where it can be found in these sources. These results are compared to the already published biblical readings.

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reconstruction of the Bible; biblical readings; Croatian Church Slavonic; Glagolitic missals; Missal of Kopenhagen; Vatican Eighth Missal; Missal of Novi

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