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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.60 Prosinac 2010.

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On reading, writing and compilations in the Croatian Glagolitic middle ages

Marija-Ana Dürrigl   ORCID icon ; Old Church Slavonic Institute

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Dürrigl, M. (2010). O čitanju, pisanju i kompiliranju u hrvatskoglagoljskom srednjovjekovlju. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (60), 219-234. Preuzeto s

The paper deals with some aspects of the relation between writenness and orality in Croatian Glagolitic texts and miscellany codices. Special attention is given to the authority of written texts, to ethics and rhetoric of reading, as well as to decomposition and compilation of already existing texts. The formulation »čte se« not rarely found in Glagolitic miscellanies is chosen as an illustration of the relationship of Glagolitic scribes to tradition. The creative process went through phases of reading/hearing, memorizing, writing and compiling, which resulted in a »poliphony« in the memories of the recipients. The medieval metaphor about books as spiritual nourishment can be applied to the method or process of reading and writing new compositions, thus creating a specific interdiscourse and openness of form in presented Croatian Glagolitic works. Written texts were also sources for new creation, where the aesthetic and practical functions were inextricable. Literary/aesthetic qualities of chosen texts (e. g. visions and hagiography) are pointed out, because they co-exist with practical functions of these particular works.

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Croatian Glagolitic literature; writing; reading; decomposition; compilation; authority; memory; composition

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