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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.60 Prosinac 2010.

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Local prepositional phrases in Croatian Church Slavonic

Jasna Vince ; Old Church Slavonic Institute, Zagreb

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Vince, J. (2010). Prostorni prijedložni izrazi u hrvatskom crkvenoslavenskom jeziku. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (60), 791-826. Preuzeto s

In this paper prepositional phrases with spatial meanings in Croatian
Church Slavonic are discussed. They are divided according to type of
movement and spatial relations presented. The first component of the meaning – movement – is typically expressed by case, and the second – localization (spatial relation) – by preposition. The author first discusses static and dynamic use of prepositions governing Locative and Accusative and then the inclusive and exclusive prepositional phrases with Locative and Instrumental respectively. The next two chapters are dedicated to nondirective Accusative and directive Dative. The most common case in spatial prepositional phrases is Genitive. It is compatible with prepositions of various origins and meanings. The aim of the paper is not only to present
various constructions with the same or similar meanings but also to point to relations between prepositions, prefixes, adverbs and nouns.

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Croatian Church Slavonic; cases; local prepositions; types of movement; spatial relations

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