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Kulturna baština, No.35 Studeni 2009.

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Vladan Vuletin ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Splitu

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Šimun Tudor, MD (1871 – 1928) was one of the most prominent citizens of Split in the first decade of 20th century. He was born as the second of three brothers in a poor labourer’s family. He finished grammar school in Split, and studied medicine in Innsbruck and Vienna. He graduated from Vienna University in 1898. While still at college, he married Agneza Bauchmer (Vienna, 1879 - Split, 1956). It was in Vienna that their first son was born. Two other sons and
two daughters were born in Split. He moved to Split with his family in 1899. Šimun Tudor boasted a versatile career: he was a municipal doctor, a councillor, an isolation hospital manager, a chairman of the Marjan association, a superintendent of Marjan district, a chairman of the Publishing Cooperative Society Novo doba, that published the main daily newspaper in Split, a member of numerous cultural organisations. Above all, he was a humanist. He was highly
respected in Split and in its greater area. The respect that he earned was due to his competence, humanitarian and community work as well as his generosity towards the poor. After he died, an impressive funeral was organised and a memorial cypress was planted in his honour on the Marjan hill. From 1907, doctor Šimun Tudor was also a family doctor of a distinguished composer and conductor Josip Hatze (1879–1959). In the period between 1934 and 1940, Hatze lived in Marjan in Tudor Villa, together with his daughter, grandsons and a son-in-law.
The villa was rented to him by the wife of the late doctor Šimun Tudor. In that villa, Hatze gave the first music lesson to his grandson. This was Ruben Radica, who later became a composer, a
member of Academy and a distinguished representative of avant-garde music style in Croatia.

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