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Croatian International Relations Review,Vol. 20 No. 70
Publication date: July 2014

Published on HRČAK: 31 July 2014
Table of contents Full text
Front page, Contents and Impressum (str.1-3) englishpdf 640 KB
Dancing and Calculating: Culturally sustainable development and globalization in light of two paradigms of socio-cultural evolution (str.5-29) englishpdf 806 KB
Vjeran Katunarić
Original scientific paper
Solidarity and the Market in the Area of Insurance Schemes (str.31-53) englishpdf 787 KB
Ivona Ondelj
Original scientific paper
Foreign Policy Making and the U.S. Vision of European Integration in the Nixon Era (str.55-81) englishpdf 774 KB
Hang Nguyen
Original scientific paper
Contemporary Security and Private Security Companies: Privatization of Security and Consequences; Robert Mikac (str.84-87) englishpdf 491 KB
Mišo Mudrić
Book Review
The Changing Welfare State in Europe: The Implications for Democracy; David G. Mayes and Anna Michalski (eds.) (str.88-92) englishpdf 495 KB
Hrvoje Butković
Book Review
The Future of Conventional Arms Control in Europe; Wolfgang Zellner, Hans - Joachim Schmidt and Götz Neuneck (eds.) (str.93-97) englishpdf 505 KB
Zrinka Vučinović
Book Review
The Birth of Territory; Stuart Elden (str.98-103) englishpdf 500 KB
Daniel Šarić
Book Review
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