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Croatian International Relations Review,Vol. 20 No. 71
Publication date: October 2014

Published on HRČAK: 21 October 2014
Table of contents Full text
Front page, Contents and Impressum (str.1-5) englishpdf 368 KB
Editorial (str.6-7) englishpdf 42 KB
Senada Šelo Šabić
Editorial (str.8-11) englishpdf 63 KB
Kolinda Grabar Kitarović
NATO Summit in Wales: From global megatrends to the new Euro-Atlanticism (str.12-42) englishpdf 493 KB
Lidija Čehulić Vukadinović, Monika Begović
Original scientific paper
Serbia’s Military Neutrality: Origins, effects and challenges (str.43-71) englishpdf 455 KB
Filip Ejdus
Original scientific paper
NATO Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina: The pursuit of local ownership in externally-led state building (str.72-91) englishpdf 370 KB
Sead Turčalo, Damir Kapidžić
Original scientific paper
The European Union Training Mission in Mali: A case study (str.92-121) englishpdf 8 MB
Rachel Dicke
Original scientific paper
How Long Before NATO Aircraft Carrier Force Projection Capabilities Are Successfully Countered? Some effects of the fiscal crises (str.122-152) englishpdf 8 MB
Josip Lučev
Original scientific paper
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