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Publication date: November 2014

Published on HRČAK: 06 January 2015
Table of contents Full text
Forming communities of practice in higher education: a comparative analysis (str.3-12) englishpdf 409 KB
Sheryl Buckley, Maria Jakovljević, Melanie Bushney, Grzegorz Majewski
Preliminary communication
The effect of mindfulness training on employees in a dynamic organizational setting (str.13-19) englishpdf 389 KB
Ingunn Myrtveit, Vedrana Jez, Viggo Johansen
Preliminary communication
University library as a living lab: innovating with students (str.20-25) englishpdf 359 KB
Andrea Alessandro Gasparini, Alma Leora Culén
Review article
Motivation and involvement in international tourism (str.26-33) englishpdf 449 KB
Cláudia Seabra, Margarida Vicente, Carla Silva, José Luís Abrantes
Original scientific paper
Croatian T&C industry and students customer satisfaction with clothing products produced in domestic companies (str.34-45) englishpdf 530 KB
Ružica Brečić, Maja Stracenski Kalauz, Alica Grilec Kaurić
Preliminary communication
Development of a heuristic rating model for the classification of know-how-intensive and technology-oriented start-ups (KITSs) in Austria (str.46-50) englishpdf 272 KB
Sabine Jung
Preliminary communication
Usability and functionality evaluation of the most profitable Croatian companies’ web sites (str.51-61) englishpdf 475 KB
Antun Biloš, Ivan Ružić, Ivan Kelić
Preliminary communication
IT-facilitated industries and competitive spaces: the dance of the elephants (str.62-67) englishpdf 453 KB
Mark Kriger, Alma Leora Culén
Review article
Making and consuming characters (str.68-75) englishpdf 308 KB
Masae Kanai, Yoritoshi Hara, Hajime Kobayashi, Masaaki Takemura
Review article
Eating habits of young people as the basis for new product development (str.76-80) englishpdf 252 KB
Jadranka Ivanković, Maja Dawidowsky Mamić, Martina Majić
Preliminary communication
Impulsive consumer behavior (str.81-89) englishpdf 341 KB
Ružica Kovač Žnideršić, Aleksandar Grubor, Dražen Marić
Preliminary communication
Public confidence in institutions of the enviromental protection system (str.90-100) englishpdf 460 KB
Merica Pletikosić
Preliminary communication
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