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Croatian International Relations Review,Vol. 21 No. 72
Datum izdavanja: veljače 2015.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 23. 2. 2015.
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Front page, Contents and Impressum (str.1-4) engleskipdf 767 KB
VOISINAGES: Démocratisation et géopolitique (str.5-46) francuskipdf 1 MB
Jacques Rupnik
The Number and Geographical Scope of the EU Foreign Policy Initiatives of Small Member States: Does „smallness“ matter? (str.47-80) engleskipdf 1 MB
Đana Luša, Petar Kurečić
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The Process of Institutionalization of the EU’s CFSP in the Western Balkan Countries during the Ukraine Crisis (str.81-106) engleskipdf 906 KB
Dragan Đukanović
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Political Criteria vs. Political Conditionality: Comparative analysis of Slovenian and Croatian European Union accession processes (str.107-138) engleskipdf 941 KB
Ana Bojinović Fenko, Ana Urlić
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International-local Linkages in Multi-stakeholder Partnerships Involved in Reconciliation, Inter-communal Bridge-building and Confidence-building (str.139-166) engleskipdf 901 KB
Petra Roter
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Project Management in Development Aid Industry – Public vs. Private (str.167-198) engleskipdf 906 KB
Dragana Simović
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The Bay of Bengal: Next theatre for strategic power play in Asia (str.199-238) engleskipdf 1 MB
Mohammad Humayun Kabir, Amamah Ahmad
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The Ominous Triangle: China-Taiwan-the United States relationship (str.239-280) engleskipdf 1008 KB
Dario Kuntić
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Multinational Federalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Soeren Keil (str.282-285) engleskipdf 589 KB
Jens Woelk
Recenzija, Prikaz slučaja
Small States and International Security: Europe and beyond, Clive Archer, Alyson J. K. Bailes and Anders Wivel (eds.) (str.286-289) engleskipdf 587 KB
Hrvoje Butković
Recenzija, Prikaz slučaja
Back to Basics: State Power in a Contemporary World, Martha Finnemore and Judith Goldstein (eds.) (str.290-294) engleskipdf 603 KB
Borna Zgurić
Recenzija, Prikaz slučaja
Globalisation, Migration, and the Future of Europe: Insiders and outsiders, Leila Simona Talani (ed.) (str.295-298) engleskipdf 629 KB
Emil Vargović
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Europe and the Collapse of Yugoslavia - The Role of Non-State Actors and European Diplomacy, Branislav Radeljić (str.299-301) engleskipdf 605 KB
Zvonko Krajnović
Recenzija, Prikaz slučaja
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