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Publication date: July 2014

Published on HRČAK: 06 May 2015
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Alcohol consumption among adolescents in the City of Zagreb and the presence of alcohol drinking among their parents (str.3-12) englishpdf 622 KB
Mara Tripković, Tanja Frančišković, Hrvoje Marković, Ljubica Paradžik, Alen Andrić
Original scientific paper
Is the outcome of alcohol dependence treatment related to intelligence of patients? (str.13-23) englishpdf 89 KB
Aleš Friedl
Original scientific paper
Use of alcohol and surrogates by residents of a typical Belarus city (str.25-34) englishpdf 82 KB
Yury E. Razvodovsky
Original scientific paper
Psychiatric Clinic Historic overview and projections for future (str.35-47) englishpdf 79 KB
Danijel Buljan
Review article
Characteristics of female drinking by age (str.49-62) englishpdf 113 KB
Ana Kovač, Irma Kovčo Vukadin, Zoran Zoričić, Mirna Peco, Vivian Andrea Vukić
Review article
Creativity and destinies of some homosexual composers (str.63-75) englishpdf 995 KB
Marina Vuksanović, Darko Breitenfeld, Branimir Krištofić, Danijel Buljan, Ivan Šimunec, Zoran Zoričić, Ankica Akrap, Marija Živković
Professional paper
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