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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol. 68 No. 4, 1995

Publication date: November 1995

Published on HRČAK: 09 April 2015
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The Detection and Location of Hydrido Ligands in High Nuclearity Osmium and Ruthenium Carbonyl Clusters: A Critical Survey (str.683-700) englishpdf 42 MB
Lutz H. Gade, Brian F. G. Johnson, Jack Lewis
Original scientific paper
Polymorphism of NaHg: The First Experimental Observation of a Reversible, Temperature Driven B2 (CsCl) - B32 (NaTl) Phase Transition (str.701-708) englishpdf 17 MB
Matthiasand Rochnia, Hans-Jörg Deiseroth
Original scientific paper
On the Borderline of Pauling's Bond Order Concept: Metal-Metal Bonding in Icosahedral Chains of Metal-Rich Tantalum Sulfides (str.709-719) englishpdf 24 MB
Martin Köckerling, Hugo F. Franzen
Original scientific paper
The Periodic System of Metal Clusters - a Tool for Deriving Various Forms of »Cluster-Matter« (str.721-743) englishpdf 47 MB
Hans Müller, Christian Opitz
Original scientific paper
Synthesis and Characterisation of [Pd10(μ-CO)(μ3-CO)4(PEt3)6] and [Pd10(μ-CO)63-CO)2(μ-CNXylyl)2(PEt3)6] (str.745-767) englishpdf 7 MB
D. Michael P. Mingos, Christopher M. Hill
Original scientific paper
Synthesis and Structure of a Tungsten Dimer with a W-W Bond Order of 3.5 (str.769-780) englishpdf 27 MB
Timothy R. Ryan, Robert E. McCarley
Original scientific paper
Novel Ternary Oxobromides with Ta6 Clusters and Rare Earths: The Synthesis of (RE)Ta6Br13O3 (RE = Rare Earth) and the Crystal Structure of LuTa6Br13O3 (str.781-792) englishpdf 25 MB
Stéphane Cordier, Christiane Perrin, Marcel Sergent
Original scientific paper
Self Assembly of Copper(I) and Silver(I) Butterfly Clusters with 2-Mercaptothiazoline (str.793-823) englishpdf 6 MB
César A. López, John P., Jr. Fackler, Richard J. Staples, Suning Wang, Richard E. P. Winpenny
Original scientific paper
BaCu5Al8: A Structure Containing Interconnected [Al8Cu4]2- Icosahedra (str.825-835) englishpdf 24 MB
Karen J. Nordell, Gordon J. Miller
Original scientific paper
Synthesis and Structure of (C18H36N2O6Na)2Na2[Nb6Cl12(OCH3)6] · 15CH3OH (str.837-848) englishpdf 27 MB
Ulrich Beck, Arndt Simon, Nevenka Brničević, Siniša Širac
Original scientific paper
Crystal Growth and Unusual Electronic Transport Properties of Some Reduced Molybdenum Oxides with Bi-Octahedral Mo10 Clusters (str.849-860) englishpdf 27 MB
Phillipe Gall, Patrick Gougeon, Martha Greenblatt, Berry B. Jones, William H. McCarroll, Kandalam V. Ramanujachary
Original scientific paper
Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Properties of New Chloroniobium Cluster Hydroxides with Co-ordinated and Non-coordinated OH- Groups. The Presence of H3O2 Intercluster Bridges (str.861-875) englishpdf 33 MB
Nevenka Brničević, Biserka Kojić-Prodić, Marija Luić, Aziz Kashta, Pavica Planinić, Robert E. McCarley
Original scientific paper
Octahedral Cluster Compounds in the Tungsten Bromide Chemistry: MW6Br14 and 2W6Br14. The Crystal Structure of CdW6Br14 (str.877-884) englishpdf 17 MB
Saadìa Ihmaine, Christiane Perrin, Marcel Sergent
Original scientific paper
An Octahedral Rhenium Cluster with (CN) Ligands: the Crystal Structure of KCs3Re6S8(CN)6 (str.885-890) englishpdf 13 MB
Anissa Slougui, Yuri V. Mironov, André Perrin, Vladimir E. Fedorov
Original scientific paper
New Type-Structure of Chevrel Phase: Unusual Location of the 3d Chromium Ions in the Mo6Se8 Host Lattice (str.891-899) englishpdf 19 MB
Abdellatif Manqour-Bìilah, Patrick Gougeon, Jean Yves Pìvan, Marcel Sergent, Roger Chevrel
Original scientific paper
Direct Synthesis of Dinuclear Carboxylate-Bridged Ruthenium(I) Complexes from the Substitution of the Formate Bridge in Compound (str.901-904) englishpdf 9 MB
Josep Soler, Josep Ros
Preliminary communication
Reactions of Niobium and Tantalum Hexanuclear Halide Clusters with Nitrogen Bases. Clusters of the Type [M6X12L6]X2, L = NH3, CH3CN, C5H5N (str.905-907) englishpdf 7 MB
Siniša Širac, Rudolf Trojko, Ljiljana Marić, Robert E. McCarley, Oleg Tolstikhin, Nevenka Brničević
Preliminary communication
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